Stay in London Accommodations and Browse The Traditional Markets

Holidaying in the British capital is unquestionably a dream of every traveler across the world. The capital city of Britain houses several world renowned attractions that make it one of the most visited tourist destinations around the world. Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussuads Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are just a few names. As hordes of visitors plan trip every year, the capital ensures them comfortable stay by offering them a range of London apartments. Located in some of the best selling areas of the city and close to important transport links, these London furnished apartments are ideal for exploring iconic landmarks.

Apart from the attractions, London has several other ways to make your holiday visit wonderful. The city is also a shopper’s paradise and tourists can enjoy exploring the popular local markets, where they can haggle for things. Some of the areas that are worth exploring during your stay in one of the London vacation apartments include:

Brick Lane Market – Brick Lane is a simple flea market and you can get all kinds of weird and wonderful things. Bargain for your favourite things and then enjoy savouring tasty curry in the restaurants.

Petticoat Lane Market – This is one of the oldest shopping areas in the city. If you are staying in the one of the cheap London hotels close to the Liverpool Street Station or Aldgate station, then you can easily reach the Petticoat Lane. Thousands of stalls dealing in clothes and household things line up the lane.

Southhall Market – Until 2007, Southhall was the only place in the whole city where one could buy horse. However, today it has been replaced by second hand goods and furniture, Asian herbs and spices and fresh fish.

Walthamstow Market – It is the longest shopping street in England. The street is lined up with a range of shops selling fine fabrics, clothing, books and food stalls serving local English food to exotic Caribbean cuisine.

While staying in London furnished apartments, you can explore these shopping places and enjoy bargaining for various food and electrical products at best prices. This is one of the best ways to get familiar with the traditional facets of this British capital. Therefore, it is not only the attractions that can make your holiday wonderful in the British capital. There are many other interesting things to explore in this city that can add flavor to your holiday break.