The Future of Self Storage Units in America

The future in the self storage units franchises are a very bright one in America today and this is for many reasons. The most glaring reason is that as we find ourselves living in smaller dwellings and see where we are running out of closet space at an alarming rate. There may not be enough places in the resident now to house all the things that we American consumers pile up although unnecessarily at times, yet still require adequate supervision so to speak. Once the garage door is open and things start spilling out it is time to start thinking about a self storage unit or some offsite storage facilities, so this makes it a perfect time to own a self storage owner in America.

Self storage units have been around since the fifteenth century which started in Paris, France with the first Frenchman who had become tired of tripping over the items that his better half was accumulating with nowhere to put them. This grew into a multi-billion dollar industry which now affects every town in America and is still on the rise as of 2009. There seems to be no end to the self storage unit facilities that can crop up over night and the tenants that are filling them since almost the entire country is going to a smaller residential platform.

This can be seen from the square footage alone in the paper or online newspapers for that matter with a normal one occupant dwelling being a paltry six-hundred square feet. To put that in perspective the same person trying to rent or own a likewise residential space would require over one-thousand square feet of under air living accommodations. That is a forty percent drop in the amount of residential space that is required for a single person and that means that these items need to be put somewhere. That somewhere is a self storage unit center and this is the prime time to be the owner of said business.

The future of the self storage units in America is a very impressive one indeed. From the smallest villages in the Midwest to the largest metropolises in the Northeastern quadrant the possibilities are virtually endless. The size really is of little concern when referring to the storage units in general with the only real important factor being the accessibility and the vacancy factor. There needs to be a very detailed demographically inclined survey done before the contract is signed and then it is too late. The only option after the contract has been signed and the money changes hands is to build more units onto the existing maxed out ones. That requires more capital much more capital and normally right after a huge purchase such as a self storage unit that is the last thing that needs or wants to be heard. So be good students and see the forest through the trees and do the footwork before the contract well before the contract.