Month: August 2018

Is Fantasy Brown a Marble or Granite?

Fantasy Brown is an Indian stone. This is one of the most sought-after material from India. This has beige, brown, white background with brown, blue and sometimes purple veins and cloudy pattern. This is mainly used for kitchen countertops, benchtops and flooring.

Most people are confused that it should be called marble or it should be called granite. This has every similarity to both marble and granite. Here we try to find out what is it exactly.

Chemical Test

The physical test of this stone suggests that it has a lot of calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is one of the main element any stone to being a marble. This stone has a lot of calcium carbonate with silica. But it has a very good percentage of quartz too. This quartz makes the stone harder to cut. However, the percentage of quartz is not very much and this material is cut on marble gangsaw. The cutting of this stone is not very difficult and we can cut this stone on normal marble gangsaw. This is one of the reason it is more of a marble than granite.

Physical Test

The physical test of this stone suggests that the hardness of this stone is below granite level. This is an easy to cut stone. The shine of this material after polishing is not like of granite. Granite is a very hard material due to the quartz richness. The hardness makes the material more polished. The polishing of this marble is done on marble polishers. It does not require heavy granite polishers. Also during polish, it has been found that this material has a lot of slurry portion. Normally during the polishing of granite, the slurry portion is very less, but the Fantasy brown eject a lot of slurry due to its softness towards the hard abrasives. The fantasy brown does not have the strength which is found in granite. It needs to be packed from the net on the backside as this is a soft and brittle material. The net binds this material and does not allow to crack.

Apart from the chemical and the physical test, the appearance of this beautiful stone is more like marble. Unlike granite, it has different patterns and colors. Granite is more consistent in patterns.


After conducting tests we have a final verdict that the fantasy brown is a beautiful strong marble, but it is for sure not a granite. We should call this material Fantasy Brown Marble and not Fantasy Brown Granite.


9 Approaches to Put Wood Look Porcelain Tiles to Fabulous Uses

Inkjet printing technology creates realistic wood impressions on porcelain tile backgrounds, affordable, strong and attractive, water resistant too. Achieve the most striking effects of the wood ambiance where you would want it.

1. Arrange the tiles in a colorful pattern around the dining space

Consider the advantages over real old wood! Porcelain will not get scratched. It is a hygienic surrounding with porcelain that will last for ages. Porcelain requires very little maintenance and keeps out water.

2. Feature panels in the living spaces

Install a brand new look around the living room. Feature panels are hot and contemporary. Visually divide the space or create a focal point. Give it an imaginative twist with Wild Wooden Floor Tiles and Totem Wood Floor Tiles.

3. Basket weave effect

A basket weave pattern means so much in the home by charm and status. Create striking floors with single or dual colors.

4. Assemble a variety of colors and designs

An effect of depth comes from joining together several wood recipes within the room, if you fancy that.

5. Creativity without boundaries

Imagination reveals many patterns of inlays. The designs should be appropriate to the home environment. Avoid making it too complex with many patterns. Lay casual borders or bring many shades together.

6. Install feature walls

The wood effect on walls brings back sweet memories of yesteryear and traditions long since gone. The trend will never fade, be it in luxury homes or studio apartments. Superb printing effects make it all possible and you can install the effects of your dreams. Import the ‘wow’ and the ‘aha’ factor right into the home.

7. The parquet effect is back with a bang

The traditional solid wood floor effect is possible as an imitation of the parquet flooring. While authentic heavy wooden floors would cost a great deal and require plenty of care, porcelain presents all the advantages besides the perfect wood patterns. Try out the Parquet Floor Tiles and Timber Wood Floor Tiles for mesmeric effects.

8. An Alfresco world

Getting out into the open garden surrounding with its feeling of freedom is the Alfresco message. Imagine the garden room as an extension of the home. The beach effect and the rustic flavor rule.

9. Go transitional

Combining materials with differing patterns and textures create interesting in-between spaces in the dining and kitchen areas or the entrance hall. Hexagon Floor Tiles and Wild Wooden Floor Tiles are some unique creations.